GSC Grinding Drill

Drill Bit Grinder & End Mill Resharpener Grinder Machine

Features of portable Drill Bit and End Mill Resharpening Machines :

1. Compact design & total portability. You can move the machine from one workplace to other very easily.

2. Operates on single phase 220 V supply

3. Almost negligible running cost : power consumption of 250 to 350 watts.

4. Wide range of Point angle : from 90 deg to 140 deg.

5. Same machine can be used for HSS as well as Carbide drills : only by changing grinding wheel.

6. Accuracy : Consistent point angle is ensured. The runnout of cutting edge w.r.t. shank is achieved within 0.02 mm. This is very important to maintain hole size very precisely.

7. Very easy to operate : Does not need complicated training OR skilled operator.

8. In every resharpening, only 0.3 mm material is removed. This enhances the Total Service life of drill enormously. This also helps to monitor life + consumption.

9. Very quick : Needs few seconds to resharpen any drill.

10. High quality , long life precision METTALIC collets ensure repeat accuracies on drill point.

11. Noise & vibration less operation.

12. Highly economical : No need to spend recurring cost by outsourcing resharpening activity.

13. Advantage by reducing inventory carrying cost of drills / reamers, which is incurred when resharpening is done outside of your machine shop.

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