Lawnmower Belts

PIX specializes in manufacturing, extensive range of Belts, exclusively designed to withstand the rigorous working conditions encountered in grass-machinery applications. Conforming to the highest quality standards, PIX-Lawn & Garden Belts are the perfect solution for all lawn & garden applications.

Available in varied constructions such as Wrap (Regular, Banded, Hexagonal, Dry-Cover, with Aramid cord), Raw Edge Cogged Belts (Regular, Banded, Raw Edge Plain), Poly-V Belts and Double-sided Timing, PIX offers an extensive range, covering almost all the applications and models, manufactured across the globe.

PIX Lawnmower Belts offer solutions for each and every OEM application in every possible belt type and construction.

Features & Benefits

  1. Belt tension member is specially designed to eliminate the need for retensioning and offers:
    • Longer service life and smooth operation during frequent and severe shock loads
    • Offers high tensile strength
  2. Belt construction ensures:
    • High resistance to wear and tear
    • Appropriate slippage during de-clutching in case of dry cover Belts
    • High resistance to oil, heat and cracking
    • Ability to withstand reverse flexing, in the applications involving serpentine drives and external idlers
  3. Designed to withstand the rigorous start and stop operations
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