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Joint Venture with Edward Pryor & Son, UK 

With the Indian economy opening up, Marks took a bold and decisive step of setting up a Joint Venture with Edward Pryor and Son Ltd., UK, which is a 150 year old world renowned leader in the field of Industrial Marking Technology. 

Marks Pryor Marking Technology Pvt. Ltd. makes use of the latest state of art technology for manufacturing a variety of Marking Tools viz. Pryor Steel Types, Punches, Automatic Numbering Heads, Engraved Packaging Types and Logotype Marking Dies. These are manufactured from quality tool steel and are hardened and tempered to withstand wear and give a long life. Also manufactured is “State-of-the art” range of advanced CNC controlled dot-marking machines. All featuring advanced user-friendly operating software, industrial design standards, robust construction & value for money. The Marktronic range provides advanced marking solutions for a wide range of components & materials. 

Extensive Marketing & Customer Support Network, Marks Pryor have an extensive Marketing and Customer Support Network in India to cater to customer needs all over the country. There are five Regional Offices in metros across India. There are additional Sales and Service Centers in another four major industrial towns to provide effective and timely Customer Service.

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