For over 25 years MICROFLAT has been in the forefront of manufacturing Precision Inspection and Metrology equipment for one overriding reason: ACCURACY! Since 1978 we have led the industry by offering most comprehensive range of products and services to customers located around the globe in more than 20 countries like USA, UK, Germany, Holland, Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Argentina, Brazil, Israel, Australia, New Zealand,Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Iran, Dubai, Muscat, Pakistan and so on.

We are fortunate to have the ongoing patronage of our valued customers and that we could live up to their expectations and faith reposed on our endeavors. Every member of winning team at MICROFLAT continues to strive for improved levels of product quality,reliability, utility, and customer satisfaction, whilst our ability to provide innovative low cost customized solutions is paramount in things we do.

In the arena of India we dare say MICROFLAT is the first and only organization having ISO-9001-2000 certification as well as NABL accreditation (equivalent to NAMA’s, DKD, A2 LA) for its Calibration Laboratory in Mechanical field meeting requirement of ISO/IEC 17025 quality standard for Testing & Calibration Laboratory covering scope of wide range of measuring instruments & gauges and inspection equipment.

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