P30 – 130

P30 - 130

3000 Controller Version

  • PC not Required
  • Larg graphical display
  • FullMembrance keyboard 
  • Screen linked function keys.

Marking Features

Fixed Textes, Variables, Serial Numbers, arc and Angular, time/date Data Matrix, Logos Baackword and Forward Maarking etc.

Standard Communication

PC/PLC/barcode reader/printer connection, text
reception, uploads & downloads, select file,
automation control,
USB, RS232, Programmable
24V digital 8 Inputs/6 Outputs.

Available Options

I/O Extended to 16I/12O
TCP/Ip Ethernet

Industrial Network & Fieldbuses

BACnet MSTP, CANopen, CC-Link, CompoNet,
ControlNet,DeviceNet, Modbus-RTU, Profibus,
BACnet/IP 2-port,EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, EtherNet/
IP 2-port.

PC based software versions

Traceable-IT or Markmaster Windows © based software
Drag, drop, scale, rotate graphical interface.
Align, group marking blocks, show marking path.
Variables, serial numbers, time/date, Data Matrix, logo
(.hpgl/.plt&.dxf) Query & write back to Excel, Access,
SQL Server, My SQL etc, duplicate data checking and
log data (history) (*)
Supports all Windows© True Type Fonts (*), including:
– Chinese,
– Japanese,
– Korean (…) characters.

3000-BA Battery operated controller

No external power supply.
Provides full marking power.
Quick release high
performance batteries

Accessories / Options

Electromagnetic clamping

Prevents poor marks
due to accidental
Assist operator by
holding machine in

Column & Base

Converts a portable machine
to a bench-top model
Powered Digital column and
Autosense system available.
Circumferential axis and
other bench-top machine
options available.

Optional Cart

Optional cart provides
easier mobility, storage
and machine protection.


Large component identification:

  • Oil & Gas.
  •  Vehicle Identification Number.
  • (Automotive, trucks, motorcycle…).
  •  Marine.
  • Military.
  • Energy production


Electrical Supply 100-230V / 200 VA
Frequency 50-60Hz
Air supply (FP&HA only) 6 bars (87 psi) non lubricated dry air
Head cable default 3m (9.8 ft) Robotic cable